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Private companies, as well as public authorities, are increasingly becoming responsible for finding external contractors to provide aviation security services, involving the delivery of a number of highly sensitive security tasks which entail taking responsibility for citizen's lives, health, safety, security and property whilst using mass transport hubs and on board airliners. The same applies to the security of hold cargo.
Since the terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001 using commercial airliners, public awareness in relation to aviation security services has increased significantly. The international businesses and vacation travel experience has become more and more shaped by individuals' positive or negative experiences with airport and airline security controls. As a result, it is not only individuals' lives, health and property which depends on the performance of such services, but the effective planning and delivery of aviation security services also has an important commercial impact on public perception of the quality of service provided by different airports and airlines. With the advent of greater choice in this area, customers are able to opt for a provider offering a more "pleasant" as well as safe and secure travel environment.
As competition and general pressure on budgets increases and regulations in the field become more complex, there has been a growing tendency to award contracts on lowest price considerations only rather than on a price and quality mix. The risks of such practices are significant and the proliferation of bad practice and security breaches has led some tendering organisations to rethink their tendering strategies. This has made the business case for "best value" tendering more evident and more organisation are keen to select best value when awarding contracts for the "most economically advantageous tender" - an option provided for in EU procurement regulations.
This has led to a call for guidance and easy to use tools on how to select best value. This site answers this call by not only providing a manual to help organisations tendering for aviation secuirty services set their priorities and to assess quality, but also providing an easy to use on-line scoring framework which can be used again and again when assessing bids for aviation security service contracts.

CEN EN16082 - A European Standard for Aviation Security Services

On 7th June 2011 the National Members of CEN (the European Committee for Standardization) voted in favour of adoption of the CEN Standard EN16802 “Airport and Aviation Security Services”
Once final and published at national level the standard becomes a publicly available document that may be purchased from CEN's National Members and Affiliates. For a list of CEN national members, see http://www.cen.eu/cen/Members/Pages/default.aspx Neither CEN nor ASSA-I will distribute or sell the standard (Announcement period: 3 months; Publication period: 6 months)
This new European standard, initiated jointly by ASSA-I (Aviation Security Services Association – International) and CoESS (Confederation of European Security Services) is the result of extensive efforts from the private security services providers, who contributed expertise and funded the development of the standard.
The standard represents an exceptional value for all possible users (aviation security services providers; clients (airports; airlines; freighters); governments) and specifies requirements for quality in organisation, processes, personnel and management of a security service provider and/or its independent branches and establishments under commercial law and trade as a provider with regard to civil aviation security services. It lays down quality criteria for the delivery of civil aviation security services requested by public and private clients or buyers and is suitable for the selection, attribution, awarding and reviewing of the most suitable provider of civil aviation security services.
ASSA-I and CoESS promote and encourage the use of this standard among their members and the aviation security sector at large. The content of CEN EN16082 has been fully included in the Manual and the Assessment tools (online and offline) available on this website.

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